Giving renters a sigh of relief

Our mission is to transform fed up renters into happy homeowners!

Why should renting be treated like an epidemic? 

There are 43 million housing units occupied by renters and 15% said that they would consider buying a home if they had the option.

Rental rates keep rising every year and more renters are getting affected every year.



Renters don’t want to feel quarantined to their renting arrangement where they can’t go anywhere else.

A successful team beats
With one heart!

Unleese was founded to reframe the traditional real estate transaction model. We came together to transform renters to homeowners. But above all, to offer honesty and transparency at no additional cost and a solution to a common, yet ignored problem, breaking a lease.

We have a team that understands all the pain points and lack of understanding in the process of buying a home. We’ve been there and that exact same vision brought us together. Our time is spent in service to our clients, each other and communities. We are here to help renters become self aware of what they’re truly capable of and that includes achieving the milestone of homeownership.

We are looking forward to

Empower Renters

At this very moment, rental rates are rising at the fastest pace in over 15 years. We want renters to get the upper hand in society again and build generational wealth through homeownership.

Dedicate to Facilitate

We’ll be there with you from day 1 to the day of settlement on your new home. Our team makes sure the job is getting done one way or another.

Make The Process Easy & Convenient

We’re a one-stop shop for the entire home-buying process. The experience starts with us and ends with us.

“There’s always a voice in our lives that tells us how we can make things better for the sake of us. We have that voice everyday when we stop, look and take action for the things that are negatively impacting our lives and people lives. We discover with effort, patience and a lot of heart we can make people’s live easier and gradually dissolve common issues. There’s a clear issue when it comes to homeownership. Doubts, questions and uncertainties arise when buying a house. So welcome to Unleese, where the ultimate goal is not only help renters become homeowners in a creative way, but to help them have a crystal clear understanding of what it takes to own a house. It’s time to help renters get out of that cursed rental cycle. And put thoughts into reality by taking action. I strongly believe Unleese is here to pave the way to homeownership for thousands of renters!”

– Alvaro Terry / Co-founder

Affordable for everybody

Affordable housing won’t be affordable if we keep allowing rental companies and landlords to put ridiculous prices and offer limited freedom for small square footage. We are aiming to make homeownership possible for everybody. Join our movement. Join Homeownership. Join the short term and long term benefits that come with it.