How it works

Break the lease
Home in peace

We are blending a humanized touch with tech to revolutionize the traditional home buying process.

A homebuying experience easier than it looks


We gather your current renting situation, build your profile and create an escape plan out of your lease.


After verifying your identity and income, we see what options are available based on your lifestyle at this moment.


We issue your official purchase price amount limit so that we start home shopping and start putting offers on houses.


Once we win an offer on a home, we start lining up things to end your rental situation. Lease breaking credit is usually done at closing.

Learn what happens all the way

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First contact & Pre-approval

Understanding your renting situation and financial snapshot


Verify your identity and income by uploading documentation.


Once our team confirms the details with the loan officer, you receive an official letter from lender with approval amount.


Our team will make sure you understand what your estimated monthly payment would be by

moving forward with a home purchase.


This process usually takes no more than 24 hours. In a hurry? Expedite your request by

speaking directly with your Unleese representative.

Shop & Win

Homeshopping with confidence


We’ll partner you up with one of our preferred agents to make sure you’re getting the highest level of service possible.


When a prospective home has been identified, add it to the queue and we’ll make sure you qualify for the house and are well informed of your monthly payment and cash to close. This gives you full confidence on putting an offer on a house! 


Leave the hours of writing an extensive home offer to us, your dedicated agent will make sure you’re getting the best outcome.

Closing, Break The Lease & Reimbursement

Getting ready for closing and reimbursed for early termination of lease


Our team will be on top of the entire process and ensure that we are closing in a timely fashion.


Send over your lease agreement so we can start seeing what needs to be done to end it early.


We will advise you where the settlement will be to sign the deed to your new home


Finally, we will reimburse you for breaking your lease at closing or 30-45 days after closing.

Where are you in the process right now?

Be as honest as possible, don’t worry, we will be too!