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What's Unleese?

Unleese relieves the ache for home that lives in all renters. We do his by helping renters break their leases by buying a home with us.

How does Unleese work?

Unleese expedites the normal renter home buying timeframe by reimbursing them for their early lease termination fee up to $5,000. All this while offering a really first-time homebuyer friendly lender and experienced real estate agents to negotiate a good deal for you.

What's a Designated Sidekick (DSK)?

Our team assigns a friend/expert dedicated just for YOU in the entire process, forget 24/7, our sidekick helps you 25/8. Full transparency and honesty included at no additional cost.

When Do I Get Reimbursed for Breaking Lease?

In order to be eligible for reimbursement you must first send us your lease agreement (before winning an offer on a house), get pre-approved, and purchase a house with us using both of our partner lender and real estate agents. 

We will credit you the penalty fee to break your lease during closing or 30-45 days after closing with a mailed check.

The timeframes of getting reimbursed vary case by case but we always keep our promise.



Is This A Long And Stressful Process?

Unleese began because we noticed the home buying process had massive gaps in being a good overall experience.

Our process includes high perfoming agents and mortgage lenders to make sure we close on your home as stressless as possible.

We also assign you a designated concierge to make sure you’re constantly in the loop of the experience and never blindsided.



Want to help us on our mission?

Unleese provides a viable option to not only for renters, but for buyers in general. We help agents succeed in every step of the way by providing enough resources to turn pre-approval into winning buyers!

Sign up today at to see how you can work with us! 



What kind of partners do we have?

We’ve partnered with several mortgage lenders and real estate brokerages to help us fulfill his mission.

But we are always looking to collaborate with other companies outside of our line of work. Please reach out to if you’re a local company that wants to collaborate. 

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