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Hi, we’re Unleese. We relieve the ache for home that lives in all renters. We’re on a mission to help future homeowners stop dumping money into renting and invest in a home they love to accompany their long term wealth.

How it works


We gather your current situation and build your profile so you don’t have to do the leg work.


We evaluate the details closely and in less than 5 minutes we create a custom portal for you.


We’ll connect you with all of your available options to get you ready to open the door to your new house!

Flexible Service,
Designated Sidekick

You have a piece of mind knowing you have an expert dedicated just for you in the entire process. Full transparency and honesty included.


"I was able to do it all from the comfort of my home. I don't know how it can get any easier than that.

Kevin, 30, Los Angeles, CA

Ready to get started?

Get pre-approved with Unleese in as little as 3 minutes.


How Does Unleese Work? ⚙️

Unleese expedites the normal renter home buying timeframe by reimbursing them for their early lease termination fee up to $2,500. All this while offering a really first-time homebuyer friendly lender and experienced real estate agents to negotiate a good deal for you. 

Step 1: Drop Info. See Options.

One of our Designated Sidekicks will gather your current rental situation and and have an initial call going over your wants and needs in moving into a new home. 

Step 2: Get Approved. Shop.

We verify your income and identity so that we can work on getting you  pre-approved so you can start home shopping with one of our preferred agents.

Step 3: Rip Lease. Move In.

If applicable we give you up to $2,500 to break your lease and you move into your new home. Which is reimburse either at closing as a lender credit or a check 30-45 days after closing*

*Varies depending on purchase price and leveraging both of our partner lender and real estate brokerage.*

When Do I Get Reimbursed for Breaking Lease? 💸

In order to be eligible for reimbursement you must first send us your lease agreement (before winning an offer on a house), get pre-approved, and purchase a house with us using both of our partner lender and real estate agents. 

We will credit you the penalty fee to break your lease at closing as a lender credit or 30-45 days after closing with a mailed check.

The timeframes of getting reimbursed vary case by case but we always keep our promise.

Are Our Partner Lenders Licensed to Do Business? 🔦

Of course they’re fully licensed to do business and are listed in the NMLS, please visit; to look up their license number for yourself. You can trust that the information you are providing is safe and being sent only to a licensed representative.

What is a Designated Sidekick? 👤

Our team assigns a friend/expert dedicated just for YOU in the entire process, forget 24/7, our sidekick helps you 25/8. Full transparency and honesty included at no additional cost.

What's the Catch? 🎣

Here at Unleese we believe in transparency and honesty throughout the entire home buying process so we feel we should begin from the very start.

In order for maximum assistance in breaking your lease and giving you the best experience possible we ask that you use our partners that compromised in making this mission possible.  (This is the catch 😁)

Our lender partners are extremely home buyer oriented and our real estate partners are amazing at making sure you get a great deal.

We simply want to make sure you’re not putting more money out of your pocket than you have to.