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We took out everything that was negative in the traditional home buying process and added tech to revolutionize and streamline our entire experience.


Tech Companies

Mortgage &
Real Estate brokers

Mortgage &
Real Estate brokers

Tech Companies

Mortgage &
Real Estate brokers

Help you break your lease

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Designated Sidekick

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Questions We Get A Lot

Here are questions we get a lot, but if you have more, please feel free to reach out. Understanding everything is key for meeting your expectations!

How Does Unleese Work?

Unleese expedites the normal renter home buying timeframe by reimbursing them for their early lease termination fee up to $5,000. All this while offering a really first-time homebuyer friendly lender and experienced real estate agents to negotiate a good deal for you.

What is a Designated Sidekick?

Our team assigns a friend/expert dedicated just for YOU in the entire process, forget 24/7, our sidekick helps you 25/8. Full transparency and honesty included at no additional cost.


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Abudakar, MD

“Renting costed me a lot of money throughout the years, and thanks to you guys, I now have a home that I love!”

Breanna, VA

“Thank you guys for reimbursing me for breaking my lease. I’m living in my dream condo.”

Martinez, DC

“Here I was thinking buying a house wouldn’t be possible in the stage I was in. Thank you guys!”

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